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All my "art" is crap lol. Them non tablet daysss.
Grandpa Rome (ONESHOT??)
Romano x Mai
Mai and I are on the beach. She's wearing a pink and white striped bikini. I'm wearing my trunks that were in the color of my flag.
"Romano!" She calls to me.
I smile. "What is it, bella?"
"Come to the shore with me!!" She giggles and grabs my hand. I laugh with her and stand.
"Alright, bella." I kiss her cheek and her eyes sparkle with delight. I smirk at the sight of this.
She looks at me curiously. "What?" She asks.
"Nothing." I say in an innocent voice.
"Eh? What's with the voice?" She looks at me skeptically.
"Ah! You caught me!!" I say but then turn her around so I have a view of her smooth back.
"R-Romano?" She blushes. I kiss her back and she mewed cutely. "R-Romano, sweetheart, ah! Wha... Ngh~ What are you doing?" She mews more as I travel downwards.

Then... There's cold water on my face.

"Fratello..." Veneziano stares at me like a 'really?' face.
"Ch-che cosa..?" I ask blushing.
"You were giggle-blushing again."
"CHE?! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP SOONER?!" I cry in embarrassment.
"Ve!! Y-You just started it and I had to go get a cup of cold water anyways, so it took a while!! And when I wake you up earlier from that, you always yell at me!!"
"Che palle..!" I plop down on my bed in exasperation and sigh.
"Was it about Mai?" He asks nonchalantly.
"Ye... WH- WHAT?! No!!" I blush more.
"Oh. Well, Mai wants to talk to you."
"REALLY?!" My face lit up at him mentioning her. "Give me the phone!!" I smile happily. He looks at me with that odd face again. I clear my throat, but a blush overcomes my face. "I-I mean... Hand me the phone."
He looks at me skeptically. "Mhmm..." Then he hands me the phone.
"Ciao? Miaozu?"
"Oh, guten tag, umm... Tomato, was it?" Replies a macho voice.
"Romano, dammit!" I yell back, knowing it was the macho potato. "You lied!!" I whine to Veneziano. Then I hear girlish giggling emanating from the phone. I put it back to my ear quickly.
"Ahahahaha!! Ah, sorry, Romano. It was a bad trick to play on you." A familiar female voice spoke happily. Mai.
I beam. "Oh, nonononono, bella. But why are you using the potato bastard's phone?"
"Ah, yeah. I came here to borrow a tool really quick, but I forgot my phone so I had to use theirs. Prussia doesn't have a phone... Long story short, they didn't have your number. I called to ask if you had a screwdriver."
"Hmm, I'll check. What do you need it for?"
"It's a surprise." She giggles. "I'll be over soon."
"Yeah." I smile warmly. "Oh, do you wanna... I don't know... Um, hangout after you fix it?"
"Mhmm! I would love to!!"
"You know, Mai... I really..." I blush thinking about what I wanted to say.
"You really??"
"Ah... I'm really glad you called, Mai."
She hummed happily. "I'm glad to call, honey." Oddio... Her little 'love' tics, she's just so... Ah! It makes my heart pound!!
"I l... I'll see you then!" I stop myself from saying I love you and embarrassing myself.
"Yeah. Ciao." She chuckles and hangs up.
I take the phone away from my ear and look at it dreamily. Veneziano just stares, but I didn't notice.
"Fratello." He says suddenly.
"Huh? Oh, what?" I reply coming back to Earth.
"My phone."
"O-Oh, yeah. Here." I hand it back to him.
"Don't like Mai, my foot, fratello."
"Shut up. She's my friend. I couldn't... I wouldn't... Yeah, just, no."
"Ciao!!" Mai says happily when I open the door.
I chuckle. "Ciao, bella."
"Oh, right. What does 'bella' mean? I mean, you've called me that twice now."
My breath hitches as she comes in. A blush spreads across my face, luckily, she doesn't see. "O-oh, nothing really... Just..."
"It's nothing bad, right?" She asks as she sits on the couch.
"N-NO! Why? What? No!! I wouldn't ever..!" I sit next to her.
"Ah, okay. That's all I need to know." She smiles sweetly.
"Oh, um, here, the screwdriver."
"Grazie molto, amore." She takes it from me.
I blush more. "Y-you DO know what amore means, r-right??"
"Si. Love. I know some French, y'know. It's not that... Wait... Belle... ah?" She puts the tool aside and looks at me questioningly. Then, a lightbulb, which I hoped to not light, lit in her head. "Bella means beauty!!" She pounces on me.
"A-ahhh, um, yeah... U-um..." I blush and try to look at her but ahhhh.... Those eyes... I... I can't look... I look everywhere BUT her.
She smiles profoundly. "You called me pretty!!" Then, she hugs me tight, which caught me in shock. I end up smiling, though, and hug her back.
"It's more than pretty, bella. It's beautiful."
She looked up at me, eyes sparkling, and her cheeks tinted pink.
Oddio... Please, PLEASE let this not be a dream..! We snuggle a little longer until she says that she should probably fix the thing. Reluctantly, I let her go and she takes out a music box.
"Oh?" I ask.
"Si, I had it for a while but I just never got to listen to it. It's a little old too, but I think it just needs a simple fix. I can do that much." She takes the screwdriver and opens the bottom. After a while of sort of messing with it, we both got it working and put it back together. She screwed it up and it started playing a familiar tune.
"Ah, I know this song. Nella Fantasia."
"One of your songs?" She asks.
"Si, si. It's kinda sad, but it's a nice song."
"........Call me something sweet........"
"Oh, baby..." She breathes out and sighs happily. Then, she kisses me on the cheek. I just want to fly... I just want to tell her I love her right now... I just want to... Ah...
I kiss her on the cheek too and she chuckles softly.
"I should probably get going, sweetheart. It's late." She gets up from the couch.
It broke my heart to hear her say that. "No! Why?!" I grab her arm quickly.
She intertwines our hands together. "Baby, I promise to come back tomorrow."
"Si, si. I wouldn't lie to you about it."
"Promise." I pout.
She laughs lightly. "Si, I promise to come back tomorrow."
"Good. Just remember to come back..!"
"Si, I will. I'll call when I get home." She lets go of my hand.
"Si! Please call, Mai!"
"I will, I will."
"...........Please call!" She's half way to the door.
She looks at me, smiling warmly. "I promise, baby."
Almost out the door... "Please call!!"
She doesn't look back but closes the door. My heart breaks even more. She didn't... Suddenly, the door opens again and Mai is smiling. She chuckles. "I will, sweetheart." She blows a kiss then turns and closes the door again. I catch the kiss frantically and hold it to my heart. It pounds loudly in my chest and there are butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
"Don't like her that way, huh?" Veneziano says suddenly. I jump slightly, but look at him.
"No, not that way. I just want her to get home safe. Go home already, Veneziano." I get up and walk quickly to my room.
I plop on my bed and hold my hands close to my chest. Ahhhhhh...!!!!!! Mai!!!!! >///< I roll around on my bed for a while then I sprawl all over it. "Mai..." I breathe out. I grow drowsy and fall asleep before I knew it.
(Mai's POV)
Last night, I left a message for Romano. I figured he fell asleep before I could call. Anyway, I'm already almost at his place. Huh? There seems to be someone there at his porch. I park my car at the side and walk up to the person.
"Hello?" I ask confusedly. The person turns around. What? An older Romano? With lost of curls?!
"Oh, ciao, bella!!" He says in a somewhat higher pitched voice. He winks at me. I roll my eyes but smile. If this is his grandfather he talks about only when I ask, then I REALLY see where he and Veneziano get their flirtatiousness.
"You must be Mr. Rome." I smile warmly.
"Si. You've heard of me?"
"Of course. Who hasn't? You were an amazing empire. Sadly, though, like all empires, you fell. Ah, it is an honor, though." My phone rings. "Um, excuse me..." I answer it and hear a crying Romano. "Romano?! Aw, sweet baby, is there something wrong?!" I'm devastated to hear my baby crying.
He sniffled. "Um... Sort of... You see... Mio nonno... He's right outside and... Um... You know he usually doesn't care for me so... to know that he came here to see me... I mean, it's just sort of... I- I don't know, mia bella..." He says with sniffles in between.
"Sweetheart, I'm right outside with him. So, I don't know what you want to do... I can come back lat-"
"No! Nuh uh!! You're staying!! Please, I need you right now!! Hold on..!" He hangs up but then he opens the door.... Somewhat. It's a small crack. "Only, Mai is allowed right now..." He sort of mumbles.
"Bambino, please, let me in!" Mr. Rome pleads his grandson.
"I-I can't..! Bella..!"
"Coming, baby." I turn to Mr. Rome. "I'll find a way to work this out if I can..."
"I trust that you will." He replies, smiling. I walk into the house.
"Mai!!" Romano hugs me tightly and cries.
"Sweetheart, baby..." I rub his back soothingly.
"I can't..! I can't do it..!"
"Sweetie, it's okay. I believe you can. It's your choice though..."
"I don't know what to do..! I do and don't want to see him..! Is this natural?!"
I push him back slightly and look at him with sincerity."Si. Si, it is, amore. He's been gone a lot from your life, it's completely natural. Baby, I don't want to force you to do this."
"I... You... I want you to meet him. I want to show him what I want now and... and... Bella, I want to see him."
"Are you absolutely sure?"
"Okay, take a deep breath, sweetie." He does so, sort of shakily. He holds my hand tightly as I turn the door knob.

"!! My grandson!!"
Grandpa Rome (ONESHOT) Romano x OC Mai
I'M SORRY THAT THIS IS A CANON X OC APH THING!!!!!!!! Please don't kill me... TT^TT
Also, Miaozu is the Chinese word for Hmong, which is less awkward since she isn't tech. a country.
AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNND wow, almost no cussing from Romanito... WHAAAAA???!

Somewhat of that one play/movie Picnic, huh? With Rosemary and Howard. It's cute... Especially when Romano's Rosemary. LOL both R's. Umm... Nevermind my randomness. But there's no marriage begging. Also, I got this idea from a picture that I think Himaruya drew with Grandpa Rome and Romano's relationship.
ASDF I know this is late, but I GOT A DRAWING TABLET NOW!!! :squee: I got it on my birthday and I'm so happy now!
Heyyyy..... Romano wants you guys to know he read fanfiction.... Heh... Hehe... Here....

He hate anyone who writes fanfiction now (including me) so.... >_> Just watch my video dammit. It would give me feels.
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