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What?! WHAT IS THIS NEW SECTION?! (OnonO) That's supposed to be a face... :iconromanofaceplz: WHY DO I KEEP POSTING THAT FACE?!
:iconwtfromano2plz: ROMANO COMPLEX FTWWII... What? Also, I got a twitter... I don't know why.
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
I slink around though my territory and sigh. Sometimes I wish I hadn't left my pack. Suddenly, I spot a girl walking mindlessly around the woods humming a song to herself happily. I tilt my head. I dare not approach her. A naked human, wolf hybrid, werewolf thing would just freak her out. I take a small step toward her out of curiosity.

She seems to notice something, hopefully not me. I don't make a sound as she looks around with her pretty cream dress with translucent, puffy sleeves and a belt. The top fabric is translucent, but it is solid underneath. She turns around, her (length) (hair color) hair sways in the wind as well as her dress as it flows around her legs like a flower. I can see her face. Her bright (eye color) eyes sparkle with the little light shining through the tops of the thick trees. They shine even more when she smiles and sort of skips towards me. In panic, I run on all fours.

"Ah! Please don't run!" She says. Is that her voice? It's very pretty. Like angels...
She must think I'm a person. But really, how can you? I have a tail, ears, and my nails are freakishly long and dirty. I hide behind a tree. This isn't my instinct. What am I doing? She finds me and isn't at all surprised.

"Hello." She smiles. I stare at her in shock. "You understand, right?" She cocks her head in an adorable way. I nod. "So you do!" She laughs. "I'm (Name) (Last Name). Do you have a name?"

"L-Lovino... Vargas..." I croak out, not having used my normal voice for a long time.

"Lovino Vargas, huh?" She chuckles again and notices my hands. "Oh, your hands are beautiful!" She admires them. Then, she tenderly takes my hand and holds it in hers. She's so warm...
I want to snuggle up to her. Is this what a dog feels like? I have been making fun of dogs who wander into the forest for years. I think I understand them now... I sniff her to recognize her scent. I can look for her whenever now. Whenever I need company...

"Did you want to come back with me?" She asks wholeheartedly.

I become shocked. "Wha... What was that?" I ask for clarity.

"Did you want to come back home with me? You don't seem to be comfortable here."

To be truthful... I haven't. Everything's the same and there is no excitement. No wolf wants me... Not any human either. I'm a freak. I nod. She wraps me with what I suspect is a blanket. It smells like her.

"I won't hurt you, okay?"

I nod again and she laughs.

"I want to help you. I don't know what I can do with those ears and that tail though."

"I was cursed..." I say.


"I wasn't born like this."

"Then I might actually be able to help." She smiles and takes me to her home.

~At Home~

"Okay," (Name) claps her hands together. "I'll give you a bath first."

I blush slightly. "I can take a bath on my own, y'know..."

"But I want to help. Can we do it outside in my backyard? I don't recommend baths in a bathtub. It's gross."

"Fine, but it's going to be complicated."

"I don't mind." She brings me outside and grabs a bottle of shampoo and a soap bar.

"What about the sponge thing I see sometimes left out in the forest when people take baths with their soap from home?" I ask.

"A loofah? I don't use one. It spreads bacteria." She says happily. I blush massively and roll my eyes. I can only see the problems with this.

(Name) grabs the running hose. "I'm sorry, it's going to be a little cold, but I'll turn on a heater afterwards for you to sit in front of."

I shake my head. "You don't have to... I'm used to winds and cold waters. I'm okay."

"I want to though." Boy, she is a stubborn one. She pours some water on my hair and applies shampoo to her hands, lathering it in my hair.

"B-be careful of my curl, ragazza..." I stutter, slightly afraid she might not have caution.

"Hmm? Okay then." She smiles without question. She scrubs and rinses it out. "Okay then... The hard part."

She lathers the soap onto her hands and gives it to me. I do the same to help her and apply it to my body as she does the same. I blush much more as her soft hands travel my chest and stomach.

"Sh-shouldn't you do my back?"

"I'll do that later."

Her hands travel lower until she reaches... O-oh... I blush as she stares.

"W-well might as well get it done with..." She sweat drops and reaches for my erect member.

"N-no! I can do it!"

"I want to help!"

"No! You're a girl! You're not supposed to do this stuff with male humans, right?!"

"I don't care! We're going to be living together and I've already seen yours so it shouldn't matter!"

"Well if you want me to become a normal human again, I can do it myself!"
She jumps onto me and we get into a non-aggressive fight.

"Ve~ (Name)! I got your tex-" Some male opens the backyard door. He has light brown eyes and light brown hair with a curl, like mine, on the left. "O-oh! SORRY FOR INTRUDING!! VE!" And he escapes. I don't blame him. The position he caught us in was (Name) on top of me, sort of, and her face dangerously close to my 'friend'.
(Wolf!Lovino x Reader) In the Woods
Hehhh..? Should I continue this??? It's funny how it's going so far. Sorry if it sucks atm. It's 11:20 PM and I have insomnia. I'm going to sleep. Or at least try. Two more days to go back to school. So much stuffing and turkey and chicken whatever... Haha... Lovino, don't you just love food?
:iconromanopoutplz: What's it matter to you?
Lovi~ Come on! I know you do! ^^ Daddy~
:iconromanoblush2plz: Don't call me that.
What? Daddy or Lovi?
:iconromanoftwplz: Both
Whyyyy?~ I love calling you guys that! I call papa Feli that too! And papi Toni! And mon pere Francis...
:iconromanofaceplz: Do I look like I care?
O_O I don't like that face of yours. Remove it. NOW.

Also, I'm sorry for less Italian dialect. I don't know where to put it since he's like this werewolf thing whose been away from human society (thank goodness. Hopefully from Nicki Minaj too... (Oh and I spelled it as Niki Manaj which was wrong earlier) Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of your English music.) for like ever even though he's a lot smarter than he needs to be for some reason.

Hetalia :iconaxispowershetaliaplz: is © :iconhimaruyaplz: Hidekaz Himaruya
Lovino Vargas :iconirlromanoplz: is 
© Hetalia :iconaxispowershetaliaplz:
Feliciano Vargas :iconitalycatraveplz: is 
© Hetalia :iconaxispowershetaliaplz:
You are 
© ME :iconkaydorable1:! Jk. You are © Lovino Vargas :iconromanocharmplz:
Heyyyy..... Romano wants you guys to know he read fanfiction.... Heh... Hehe... Here....

He hate anyone who writes fanfiction now (including me) so.... >_> Just watch my video dammit. It would give me feels.
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